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San Diego’s Most Expensive Homes

San Diego's most expensive homes
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San Diego County has some pretty pricey real estate. Our great climate and beautiful coastline make this an incredible place to live. What are San Diego’s most expensive homes? Here are the top eight currently up for sale. What makes these eight homes such high-ticket items? How about ocean front locations, hundreds of acres, garages that hold 30 cars, and enough square footage for all of the horses in the Breeder’s Cup plus their riders and grooms.

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Real Estate 2017: What to Expect

Real Estate 2017: What to ExpectOne of the most common questions I get at this time of year is, “What’s going on in the market?” It’s not just potential buyers and sellers who are curious; homeowners always want reassurance their home’s value is going up. The good news is the American real estate market is strong and healthy. Home values are up, prices and sales are strong, and millennial, first-time buyers are eager to become homeowners.

We often use national real estate numbers to give us a clearer view of our local market. However, real estate is local, and while statistics and predictions help us understand the overall real estate market, our local market may be different. If you’re thinking of buying or selling, or just want to know how much your home is worth, give me a call!

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National Real Estate Market Primed for Expansion in 2016

Strengthening Economy

National Real Estate Market  Primed for ExpansionDespite existing-home sales dropping last November, the national real estate market is primed for expansion in 2016. Here’s why. Better weather in many parts of the country resulted in an increase in single-family and multifamily home construction. Also, the population of millennial homebuyers is expected to grow in 2016. This means increased demand to help the housing market see positive gains. With unemployment steadily decreasing, orders for new durable goods increasing 3 percent, inflation staying level, and income beginning to grow, the Fed decided to raise interest rates. The rate increase signals that our economy is getting stronger. So, don’t let the drop in existing-home sales in November fool you. With a stronger economy, home sellers can expect eager home buyers in 2016.

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Real Estate’s Still Hot in California

It’s been hot, hot, hot in California! And it’s not just the weather. Our real estate markets have been hot too. California had over half of the twenty hottest U.S. markets according to the National Association of Realtors®.

San Diego is right in there, placing seventh on the list. If you look at October’s list, you’ll see we’ve moved up to sixth place.

Real Estate's Still Hot in California

Common Real Estate Terms

Real estate terms in dictionaryCommon real estate terms like CC&Rs, a cloud on title, or PITI are frequently used in the real estate industry but often unknown outside of it. The California Land Title Association has put together a list defining many of these terms.

If you’d like to know the meaning behind those strange terms and acronyms, read on.

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