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Three Negotiating Mistakes Sellers Make

Three Negotiating Mistakes Sellers MakeWhen you list your home for sale, you may think you’ve priced it right, staged it beautifully, and timed the market for a quick sale.

The reality is that buyers are full of surprises, nearly all of them predictable. They rarely pay list price; they discount or dismiss improvements you’ve made; their inspections usually turn up something for you to fix, and they may have terms that you weren’t counting on — like needing to sell their home before they buy yours.

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Common Real Estate Terms

Real estate terms in dictionaryCommon real estate terms like CC&Rs, a cloud on title, or PITI are frequently used in the real estate industry but often unknown outside of it. The California Land Title Association has put together a list defining many of these terms.

If you’d like to know the meaning behind those strange terms and acronyms, read on.

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