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Homeowner Tax Changes

Tax Changes

The new tax law  signed  at the end of 2017 will affect all taxpayers. Homeowners should familiarize themselves with the areas that could impact them specifically. These items may require some planning to maximize the benefits.

Tax Changes for Homeowners

Here are some of the tax changes that will affect most homeowners:

  • Reduces the limit on deductible mortgage debt to $750,000 for loans made after 12/14/17. But existing loans of up to $1 million are not subject to the new $750,000 cap.
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8 Smart Home Trends that Can Save You Money

8 Smart Home Trends that Can Save You MoneyThe smart home is the new internet of things. It’s full of objects that can serve you better by communicating with each other or directly with you through apps on your smart phone. In the ideal version of the wired future, all of our appliances and gadgets will talk to each other seamlessly.

What could living in a smart home look like? Picture something like this:

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A Better Backyard

Want to make better use of your outdoor space without spending a lot of money? Try these three simple tricks. They can make all the difference between using your backyard and just looking at it.

backyard lightingRomantic lighting can really add drama and whimsy to an otherwise dull outdoor space. Try stringing lights over a patio for a look that recalls street cafes and romantic restaurant patios. Continue reading A Better Backyard

Top Homeowner Tax Deductions That Decrease Your Tax Burden

Top Homeowner Tax DeductionsYou can’t avoid paying taxes, and we all need to pay our fair share. However, paying your fair share shouldn’t place an unjust burden on you. As a homeowner, your tax burden is doubled because you pay both income and property taxes. To decrease that burden and boost your tax savings, take advantage of these homeowner tax deductions. As a result, you can use your tax savings to go on a vacation, increase your child’s college fund, build upon your retirement fund, or complete another home improvement project.

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National Real Estate Market Primed for Expansion in 2016

Strengthening Economy

National Real Estate Market  Primed for ExpansionDespite existing-home sales dropping last November, the national real estate market is primed for expansion in 2016. Here’s why. Better weather in many parts of the country resulted in an increase in single-family and multifamily home construction. Also, the population of millennial homebuyers is expected to grow in 2016. This means increased demand to help the housing market see positive gains. With unemployment steadily decreasing, orders for new durable goods increasing 3 percent, inflation staying level, and income beginning to grow, the Fed decided to raise interest rates. The rate increase signals that our economy is getting stronger. So, don’t let the drop in existing-home sales in November fool you. With a stronger economy, home sellers can expect eager home buyers in 2016.

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Are You Covered?

Are You Covered?Insurance and homeowners go together like peanut butter and jelly. Lenders require fire insurance at a minimum for homes with a mortgage, but many owners opt for more comprehensive coverage with a homeowner’s policy.

However, comprehensive doesn’t mean that everything is covered. Filing a claim is not the time to learn that you don’t have the right coverage. Are you covered? Here are some topics you should discuss with your insurance agent to get a better understanding of your policy and whether some adjustments might be in order.

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Home Improvements That Pay Off

Home Improvements That Pay Off

These values come from the 2015 Cost vs. Value Report published by Remodeling magazine and show statistics for the Pacific states.

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Real Estate’s Still Hot in California

It’s been hot, hot, hot in California! And it’s not just the weather. Our real estate markets have been hot too. California had over half of the twenty hottest U.S. markets according to the National Association of Realtors®.

San Diego is right in there, placing seventh on the list. If you look at October’s list, you’ll see we’ve moved up to sixth place.

Real Estate's Still Hot in California

Why Homeowners Aren’t Selling

Why homeowners aren't sellingEvery month I tell you inventory is still low. This is not only the case for San Diego County and North County, but also for most of California. What’s keeping people from selling their homes? The CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) recently surveyed Californians and found some interesting answers why homeowners aren’t selling.

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San Diego County Housing Market Report August 2015

HomeDex housing market reportThis month’s San Diego County Housing Market Report shows continued price gains and tight inventory in the North County and San Diego County real estate markets.

Those continued price gains and our shortage of homes for sale are making news. Zillow ranked San Diego as one of three markets with the biggest decrease in supply of for-sale homes in July, and our markets are making’s “hot” lists nationwide.

Take a look at the North County and San Diego County summaries below, or click on the links for a detailed view of July’s statistics.

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